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Artist Bio

Nichole Kluth, raised in Arizona, has loved art since she was young girl; drawing houses and flowers on the walls of her upstairs bedroom.  Before the age of 18, she had graduated high school, met the love of her life, and begun college.  At the age of 19 she was married. Many jeered at the idea of her marrying so young, but her heart was louder than the voices that said she would fail. It was a familiar sound for her. She had learned to embrace the challenge. In 2006, Nichole graduated with a Bachelors in Business, all while working full-time, overcoming the loss of one child with her husband and celebrating the life of another. Driven to succeed, Nichole began to pursue a career as an artist and chose to continue her education as an overwhelming passion for art welled up within her.  Nichole has since graduated the Mastery Program at the Milan Art Institute, where she trained classically in both drawing and painting.


Nichole Kluth is best known for her fiery paintings filled with powerful imagery of sojourning conquerers who transcend time and space and awaken the viewer to their world.  Those who experience her work are enveloped by vibrant color, intricate layers of texture, pattern, shape, and a message that goes so much deeper than the layers of canvas. It reveals a message of hope, passion, and zeal; exposing the heart of the viewer to the lies that once weighed them down and encourages the viewer to see themselves for who they really are: the victor. 


Today, Nichole and her husband are raising their four growing children and celebrate more than 15 yrs of marriage in their home in Southern Arizona.  Nichole enjoys both an indoor and outdoor studio which includes a space for both her and her children to get messy and paint.  She understands the desperate need for art programs and is passionate about reaching the next generation of artists and embraces opportunities to teach whenever possible. Nichole and her husband enjoy traveling together, exploring nature, participating in humanitarian work in places like Haiti, and short term artist in residency programs. Nichole Kluth’s artwork now spans the United States, from coast to coast.  Her collector list is ever-growing, and she enjoys giving back to her community and supporting causes that are close to her heart.